Handystacks – Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, NZ

Learn how MyTrucking got the unique business, Handystacks, managing their jobs and paperwork at a time of rapid business expansion.



Whether you’re after a pallet of dry stacked firewood, pure artesian water, vegepod container garden or a 500L bulk bag of organic compost, supersoil or mulch – our heavy home delivery service is here to make life easy for you.

HandyStacks provide quality products, combined with a unique delivery method and prompt reliable service. With a minimum width of 850mm, our mini-forklifts can navigate most household pathways and garden gates, placing your purchase in your shed, carport, garage, or garden.

Servicing Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay and Wellington.


What issues needed to be overcome?

“Success and growth can be a downfall if left unmanaged. The popularity of our products, and the growth we were sustaining, meant things were getting out of control, and it was happening quickly.

“We’d looked at other products but none seemed to be quite right. It became apparent that we were going to need to work with a company who would put in some work around our specific requirements, and we needed to find a program that could cope with our unique service model.

“It was a huge relief to find that MyTrucking could be so flexible with their system and service.”

MyTrucking Transport Industry Associations

The Solution

Handystacks joined MyTrucking in June 2017


  • Paper and notes stacking up
  • Workflow getting out of control
  • At risk of errors and burnout for staff
  • Unable to keep up with the growth of business


  • Much reduced data input and paperwork
  • A scalable and reliable process in place to help with the growth of the business
  • Information and billing always accurate
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • We now know where things are at, at a glance.

Why MyTrucking?

“We are rapidly expanding and believe we would have extreme difficulty keeping up with our workload, had we not changed over to the MyTrucking system.”

How easy was it switching to MyTrucking?

“Switching across to MyTrucking was made easy by the support staff. They were with us every step of the way. They listened to our concerns and created various functions specific to our business.”

What are the key benefits that MyTrucking provides?

“Without a doubt the seamless integration between MyTrucking and Xero, but also the ease with which we can schedule so many different deliveries and trucks within different parts of the country. Being web-based, all members of our staff can work from any location (even overseas), and if someone is away, it’s easy for their work to be picked up by another staff member – no disruption to the business.”

Where has MyTrucking helped most?

“The ease with which MyTrucking and Xero integrate together is fantastic. We were initially skeptical about whether using MyTrucking would be suitable. The fact that they constantly review and update their system is another bonus. We have found the people at MyTrucking absolutely incredible to work with and they are happy to come up with solutions to new situations which may arise.”

Linda McNaughton

Is MyTrucking right for you?

MyTrucking is designed to assist transport operators with job management workflow.

Do you have a fleet of 2 plus trucks, and too much paperwork?

Need software to manage job scheduling through to your invoicing?

Want simple and accurate communication with your drivers?