Auto pricing

What is auto-pricing? say goodbye to wasting time looking for that last used price or worse, using the wrong one.


Trying to find the rate/price used last time is a huge waste of time, I hate doing it, and sometimes I end up using the wrong price.

looking for quoted prices on bits of paper.

searching old diaries for price.

hunting for the last invoice with a price on it.

sending out invoice with the wrong price.

MyTrucking solution

A system that automatically applies the last used rate/price every time.

auto-apply the last used rate.

auto-apply the last used total, if last job was fixed price.

change the price and remember for next time.

Alan has eliminated redundant paperwork by inputting each job into the computer and from there dispatching trucks, pricing jobs and invoicing customers.  With the help of MyTrucking we are able to continually fine tune our business functions, systems and structures across a wide range of transport fields.

Lina Castles

Dannevirke Carriers, NZ