Truck Moves

Learn how MyTrucking helped Truck Moves turn things around

Truck Moves

Not your typical trucking company.

Truck Moves NZ delivery service is a fast, cost effective, convenient way to get your commercial vehicle from, say Auckland to Blenheim.

Specialising in new truck deliveries, Truck Moves New Zealand are more than just a vehicle delivery service. They provide a range of commercial vehicle services such as fleet management, logistics, storage solutions, grooming, portside vehicle quality control and surveying.

They are a family run business and are proud of their willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for their clients. With staff based in all of New Zealand’s main ‘transport-dense’ centres, and over 20 years of experience behind them, the team at Truck Moves NZ really know their stuff. You can be assured you’re in good hands.

Like all transport firms, good policy and processes make for smooth sailing, the drive to enhancing those processes led them to MyTrucking.

How was the workflow managed previously?

Like many transport businesses Truck Moves NZ were struggling with the return of paper work, from delivery details to driver’s expenses.
The delays in getting this paperwork back was impacting on their ability to invoice and, as a result, having an impact on cashflow.

“We also found that data entry was two fold, as we had to manually enter all our jobs into Xero (our accounting software), not just into our workflow software.

“We were managing via another online software company. The program just didn’t quite suit our needs, particularly as we are a trucking company that doesn’t own any trucks, or carry any goods! We are quite unique, so we required a workflow program that was both unique and adaptable to our business.”

The solution


Truck Moves joined MyTrucking in September 2016


  • Delays returning much needed data
  • Risk of errors
  • Delays in invoicing
  • Negative impact on cashflow
  • Many aspects of the business were paper-based


  • A reduction in data input and paperwork, freeing up time for our administration people to work on other important facets of our business such as growth, H&S… and actually having a lunch break!
  • Scalable and reliable for future growth
  • Information and billing always accurate
  • Peace of mind, knowing that information is only a click away
  • Comprehensive reporting allows effective information analysis

Why MyTrucking?

“We loved the fact the company was designed specifically for transport businesses, and being local was a plus – we always try to support local businesses where we can. The adaptability of MyTrucking to suit our rather unique business model was a major plus, including MyTrucking’s enthusiasm to assist us mould the program to suit. The result was brilliant.”

How easy was it switching to MyTrucking?

“The switch-over was quick and pain free. The program felt far more intuitive than our last program, making training and setting things up much faster. Headaches were kept to a bare minimum, and the support during changeover was superb. In fact, the backroom support hasn’t changed – it’s fantastic!”

Where has MyTrucking helped most?

“Linking MyTrucking and Xero has been awesome – it has cut the admin team’s invoicing time in half. Constant updates and new features coming from the MyTrucking team are always impressive. It seems they refuse to sit on their laurels and are constantly striving to be the best management software available. We know we are in good hands.”

What are the key benefits that MyTrucking provides?

“For us, having an app that the drivers can see jobs on whilst on the move, the ability to add photos for fuel receipts to add to jobs, and the dashboard layout are just a snapshot of the many things that drew us to MyTrucking.”

Mike Sheehan

Truck Moves
0800 222 832
[email protected]

Popular features that will change your world

Simple yet powerful time-saving tools to stream-line your business and grow your bottom-line.


No training required, every member of your team will be productive from day one.

Driver app

A drivers app that works with iPhones and iPads & Android phones and tablets.


Integrated invoicing

Fully integrated with Xero & MYOB AccountRight makes invoicing a breeze.

Position at a glance

Executive view shows financial position & vehicle performance at a glance


Save time looking for that last used rate, it’s automatically applied.


An enterprise add-on enables enterprise based views based on business units.

Custom reporting

A powerful reporting engine, create and save regular reports, dead easy.

Smart entry

Smart sensors such as changing a rated price to fixed simply by entering a total.


Invoice descriptions

Preset invoice descriptions save time and typing, captures job information automatically.


Single entry

From a single entry the job flows through to invoicing like magic.


Easy job management

Split, copy and replicate loads & jobs, or change vehicles all quick and easy.

Cloud based

Accessible from anywhere you have wifi or network connectivity.