MYOB Essentials

MYOB Essentials accounting and payroll.
MyTrucking and MYOB Essentials integration

Getting Started

When you first log in to MyTrucking you will be taken through a wizard to establish the connection and configure your system. Upon completion you are ready to start adding jobs.

Posting Invoices to MYOB

When jobs are “Posted” from the Invoice by Charge Client page in MyTrucking, the invoices are automatically created in MYOB.

Preparing, checking and Posting Invoices is a key process and benefit of MyTrucking. For information on this refer to the Help section here.

Products and Items

Products in MyTrucking are associated with Items in MYOB.

MYOB Essentials does not allow the creation of Service Invoices via the “API” (the communication method between the two systems). This means all invoices created by MyTrucking will be Item Invoices.

On the Products page there is a column showing the Item that is matched with the Product. If the Items have been imported from MYOB then the product will have the same name as the Item.

If a new product is created in MyTrucking, a new Item is created when the invoice information is posted to MYOB.