Burst SMS

Simple, highly intuitive, and feature-rich SMS tools.
MyTrucking and Burst SMS integration

What is Burst SMS?

Send and receive messages in just 5mins with this online SMS platform. Simply create an account, and upload your contacts.

  • Dashboard with real-time inbox/outbox activity
  • Delivery receipts, reporting, and unique link tracking
  • Feature-rich, live support, and available 24/7

It is simple to set up Burst SMS. Start with a no obligation FREE trial to send some test mesasges. If you are happy to continue simply top up your Burst SMS account to get going.

The NZ pricing for Burst SMS is only $19 per month and 9.9 cents per SMS.

How do we integrate?

  • MyTrucking communicates with Burst SMS, so you do need to set up a Burst SMS account.
  • MyTrucking’s integration with Burst SMS allows an SMS (text) to be sent to your destination client on each job.
  • On the MyTrucking mobile app the driver will tap COLLECTED on the job, and instantly a text will be sent to the destination to tell them their delivery is on its way.
  • Saves you a phone call and gives the destination a heads up that their delivery is on its way!

Special OFfer

Burst promotion to NZ & AU MyTrucking clients

Burst SMS is offering 25% discount to any MyTrucking clients in NZ and AU. Contact: Sonny Phan [email protected] to redeem this discount.

MyTrucking clients in NZ are also eligible for special pricing of $10 per month.

The regular pricing for Burst SMS is only $19 per month and 9.9 cents per SMS.

What are others saying about MyTrucking and Burst SMS Integration?

Our customers love it.

It saves heaps of time and prevents problems.

For example we had a customer respond to the order confirmation text saying they meant to order 12 tonne not 24!

The job was corrected and that one fix pays for the service.

Ian Johnston
Orion Haulage