Heikell Transport – Bay of Plenty, NZ

Learn how MyTrucking revolutionised Heikell Transport’s operation, giving them automated and integrated systems and accurate information.


Heikell Transport

Heikell Transport is a well-respected transport business based out of Whakatane. They have approximately 20 livestock trucks and three fertilisers spreaders. Heikells is owned and operated by Dave and Debbie Benner. Working alongside them is their son Mike, who operates as the main dispatcher.


How was the workflow managed previously?

Heikell Transport’s previous system was a traditional diary, which was very busy with 20 livestock trucks. When loads were changed, they would use twink to move it to the next page and when loads were confirmed the highlighter was used as the key indicator to confirm the job.
It was always a struggle to reconcile the loads at the end of the month and there was always the fear that jobs were not being invoiced.

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The Solution


  • Multiple diaries and duplicating work
  • Difficult to grow and manage extra load and complexity
  • Information and billing lost or errors


  • Automated, integrated systems reduce input, error and paperwork
  • Scalable and reliable for future growth
  • Information and billing always accurate
  • Focused on service delivery

Why MyTrucking?

Heikell was involved with MyTrucking from the first release of the cloud version in 2014. Heikell had worked in closely with Wairarapa Livestock and Martinborough Transport before this date, where they saw the older non-cloud version of MyTrucking operating for these businesses and were very impressed. Heikell wanting MyTrucking was the catalyst for MyTrucking being developed in the cloud. Once the cloud version was developed and released Heikell started using it with the intention of running MyTrucking and the diary system side by side for the first month. By lunchtime on the first day the diary was chucked away and they were fully on MyTrucking.

What are the key benefits that MyTrucking provides?

The biggest benefit for Heikell Transport has been the efficiency and accuracy. Heikell used to have five different steps of data entry for the same information, now with MyTrucking they have one.

As far as accuracy, when looking back to the old traditional diary days, they are realising how many jobs that they would have missed and not invoiced simply by the paperwork not coming back from the drivers. This cannot happen with MyTrucking, as every job is entered before the jobs are completed. MyTrucking has also greatly sped up the invoice process and now the invoices are being sent out in a much timelier manner, and with a lot more ease.

Heikell Transport says MyTrucking has allowed them to grow by allowing the dispatchers to dispatch more trucks without an even bigger ‘paper war’. Kerry, the fertiliser spreading dispatcher, says it is brilliant for spreading. With MyTrucking being available on any computer at any time it is easy to operate out in the field, at work or at home, with everyone being on the live data.

With livestock and spreading there are a lot of changes during the day and MyTrucking handles this brilliantly, simply by changing dates or re-allocating jobs to different trucks if needed. This information then flows out to the mobile app and drivers are instantly updated with any changes.

How easy was it switching to MyTrucking?

Heikell chucked out the diary by lunch time on the first day and haven’t looked back since!

Is MyTrucking right for you?

MyTrucking is designed to assist transport operators with job management workflow.

Do you have a fleet of 2 plus trucks, and too much paperwork?

Need software to manage job scheduling through to your invoicing?

Want simple and accurate communication with your drivers?