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Thank you MyTrucking for this amazing system, it has helped our business grow internally.

We were using diaries to run the trucks, and to keep track of what jobs have been completed for the day. We were finding errors, from jobs not invoiced, to not even knowing what our employees were completing on a daily basis. Without MyTrucking we would not have grown to the size we are now. Our organisation has changed in so many ways thanks to MyTrucking.

Turps Tippers, NSW, Australia

I thought we were going well. Then we got MyTrucking! Our fleet has never been so efficient, and this happened pretty much overnight. They are very easy to deal with if you have any questions when you start, and they are more than happy to help. Also the time saving factor is huge. I would not run this business without MyTrucking now.

Ray Beale

Managing Director, R&L Beale Transport, NZ

MyTrucking has given my business a competitive advantage, and helped me be agile and secure new clients. Being able to capture and store Proof of Delivery (POD), and email it to customers quickly, if needed, provided a valuable point of difference.

“Customers want good communication and record keeping, which is what MyTrucking delivers.”

Pana Sharma

Managing Director, VT Transport, NZ

What a revelation. I have been in the transport business for over 14 years now and the best thing that has happened to my transport company is finding MyTrucking. Its has saved me countless hours of paperwork every day, and much more control over what happens in my business.

To cut a long story short, in just four short weeks I have seen a massive difference in every aspect of my business by using MyTrucking.

Peter Cecklawi

PC Transport, Australia