Gain efficiencies at harvest time

TGR Transport harvest

Grain harvest season has kicked off in Australia and the MyTrucking software has a tonne of features that can help ease the load at this busy time.

When we talk about running a successful business, efficiency is a word that crops up time and time again. When you’re under the pump, creating efficiencies and saving time is key.

With drivers on the road for long periods of time, quick and easy communication can be a life saver.

At MyTrucking we’re all about efficiency and helping to free you from the mindless monotony of mountains of paperwork and hours sitting in the office.

Our programme features a truckload of features that will supercharge efficiencies in your business – here are a few top tips that can save you time, and phone calls, during the busy season:

  • Driver app: Get paperwork back in real time by taking photos on the Drivers Mobile App. Quickly and easily get jobs to drivers any time anywhere, and see when they have completed jobs. The driver app works on both Apple and Android devices, shows jobs when out of network range and will auto-sync when connectivity is re-established.
  • Do your subcontractors use MyTrucking? Send a Report that can be imported to create jobs instantly in MyTrucking.
  • Contracts: Have a contract for 1000 tonne of wheat? Simply add a Contract and keep a running total of what tonnage is left by splitting jobs off the Contract. You can now split multi-jobs over multi-days.
  • Multiple jobs: Use our multi-date select feature to repeat the same job over multiple days. Hold down the CTRL key and select all the days on ADD JOB page or when splitting a job or Contract.
  • Customer portal: Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Never miss or lose a job request and save time on phone calls and updates. Customer Portal is an online booking system where your customers can submit a job request to you, anytime, anywhere and check the status without bugging you. Invite your customers to your portal so they can VIEW their own load volumes and paperwork in real-time. They won’t see pricing or any other sensitive info, and it’s super easy to use.

Tom Allen, of TGR Transport in Victoria, has transformed vehicle management and improved efficiencies and profit through the use of MyTrucking.

Allen says MyTrucking has saved time, and improved efficiencies, accuracy and cash flow.

“The key thing is traceability, I now have all the information on my jobs available at any time. The information from the drivers is updated immediately and there is no chance of losing track of anything. The time saving has been massive and it has really helped with cash flow. We are so much more organised now.

“It’s very easy to repeat old jobs and duplicate current jobs. I use it as a job board, even if the job isn’t confirmed, like an electronic diary or calendar.

“My business has grown hugely, there is plenty of work available and now we are running MyTrucking we can confidently take on the work knowing we can manage it all easily. It would have taken many more staff to cope with the increased workload.”

In Western Australia, Campbell Transport has cut down on paperwork and overcome the challenge of dispatching jobs to drivers in remote locations with the MyTrucking driver app.

With drivers often on the road for days, or even weeks, at a time, owner David Campbell says they wanted to get paperwork back immediately. This enabled them to invoice straight away, and check everything was correct, instead of going back weeks to verify things. “We wanted to be able to give jobs to drivers without having to ring constantly to give them information.”

Campbell’s agriculture operations manager, Leon Whittle, says MyTrucking has made the business run more efficiently, particularly getting jobs loaded and out to drivers with ease.

Whittle says the biggest benefit has been the driver’s app, given the remote nature of many of their jobs.

“A lot of places we go to have bad cellphone reception, and we sometimes have trouble contacting drivers if they’re out of range. With the app, we put a load on and bang, it’s on their phone and they know exactly what they need to do – that makes it really easy.”

He also rates the new Save and Repeat feature on MyTrucking, which is a massive time saver. “If anyone has a job that requires multiple loads in a day, I upload the job once and at the end of the day the driver loads how many deliveries he’s done for the day himself. It saves a heap of time – and phone calls.”

If you’re keen to find efficiencies in your business during the grain harvest season then great software, like MyTrucking, can help. Clever online tools can liberate you and your team from time consuming admin, leaving you free to focus on building human relationships and undertaking more valuable work – work that can add even more to your bottom line.