What a ride! MyTrucking is celebrating nine years in business this month – nine years of helping countless businesses keep on trucking, streamlining their operations and achieving efficiencies.

Celebrating nine years – thank you to our customers!

MyTrucking founder and marketing director, Sara Orsborn, said celebrating nine years was a significant milestone for the business and paid tribute to her team and our amazing customers.

“Our customers and their feedback on the product have been a huge part of our growth and a key reason for our success. We view our customers as part of our team too, and we appreciate each and every single one of you.”

MyTrucking is proud to be a locally owned and operated Wairarapa business helping trucking companies around the world do what they do best – run trucks. “We look forward to many more years in business and helping even more businesses transform their transport management systems.”

To mark the occasion, we’ve highlighted nine fun facts about MyTrucking and our amazing customers!

#1. Our customers are part of our team

We consider our customers to be part of our team! We even added customers as one of our four core values in 2022 (alongside simple, efficient, and family). This is significant as MyTrucking is a values-based business. Our origins are in a small set of values, and we use these values to guide all our decision making. Our customers always come first which drives everything we do here at MyTrucking – from new feature releases to offering outstanding customer support. Looking at our recent Net Promoter Score (NPS), our customers agree! NPS is a widely used survey which rates how satisfied our customers are, and MyTrucking has been ranked as “Excellent” with a consistently high score.

#2. 9,139 jobs a day on average

The collective number of MyTrucking jobs is growing and in the last five working days a whopping 45,699 jobs have been completed!

#3. Our team has grown over 500%

Since founding MyTrucking in 2014 Sam and Sara now work alongside a team of 19, who each bring different skills to the table and work together to achieve a shared vision for the company and its customers.

#4. We help you get the job done, not add a job to do

The simplicity of MyTrucking has allowed our customers to ditch the diary, reduce data entry, and spend less time in the office! An efficient job management solution for transport businesses.

#5. Like you, we don’t stay parked for long!

Like all industries, ours is always evolving. Safety, compliance, training, software, people – everything changes. We love evolving so we can continue to make dispatchers’ lives easy, drivers’ days less stressful and owners’ dreams more peaceful – we’ve updated our software more than 40 times in the last year!

#6. Good Trucker Awards 4 x per year

As a way to value the amazing efforts of our team, we have given out a Good Trucker Award every quarter. These awards are given to a MyTrucking team member that lives and breathes our company values and goes above and beyond to help the team, our customers or our business partners.

#7. 9,161 users

These users are made up of 6,552 drivers and 2,609 dispatchers/admins. That’s a lot of MyTruckers!

#8. Customers in seven countries

We now have customers in New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Canada. Support is available to our customers 7 days per week.

#9. Over 11 million jobs invoiced to date

MyTrucking was developed to streamline a laborious paper-based system, and in particular, lessen the hassle of admin (invoicing). We’re celebrating nine years with over 11 million jobs have been invoiced.

Refer a mate!

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