In the News – Taming the paper trail for rural transport businesses

MyTrucking has become an invaluable part of the Foleys Transport business

Simple and powerful cloud-based management software – MyTrucking – is lifting the admin load on many small to medium-sized transport businesses throughout New Zealand and beyond.

It all started with one rural family wanting to help out another. Wairarapa couple Sam and Sara Orsborn developed their software originally to assist a friend whose local transport business was drowning in paperwork. Once word got out about MyTrucking, other local livestock transport companies got in touch. Sam then worked with a local developer to make it more widely available.

In April, MyTrucking celebrated eight years in business, and over that time has clocked up some impressive numbers including having invoiced more than eight million jobs for users in New Zealand and around the world.

For Brendan Foley and his team at Foleys Transport in Hawke’s Bay, MyTrucking is an invaluable part of the business.

“We use it as an online dispatch and diary system – it’s fully transparent to the whole team from office to truck drivers,” he says. “You don’t have to be in the office to use the app. I can pull over and put in a job from the truck. It also links with Xero accounting software and with EROAD [for distance recording and managing road user charges] so it’s very easy to keep track of all your revenue and costs.”

Alongside MyTrucking, Sam runs Sharpes Farm Feeds with Sara and his parents, and is also involved in the running of the family farm in rural Carterton. Sara grew up on a family farm in Hawke’s Bay, and brings a strong background in sales and marketing to both Sharpes Farm Feeds and MyTrucking.

Values that guide decision-making at MyTrucking revolve around family and people, and wanting to make the software as efficient and easy to use as possible. That means only needing to enter a job once to have it flow through to invoicing and – being cloud-based – there is access from anywhere with a wifi connection. With an easy-to-use customer portal, driver app and auto-pricing, office and fleet can run smoothly with minimal face-to-face contact.

“It’s all about reducing time, removing mistakes, improving communication and making invoicing easy,” says Sara. “Job information flows from your daysheet to the driver, the customer and the invoice – and you can ditch the paper diary!”

MyTrucking welcomes enquiries from trucking companies wanting to make their lives a little easier. Those interested in exploring how this powerful software can transform day-to-day business can do so via a 14-day free trial.

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This article appeared in the June issue of Business Rural North.