New Leadership Roles for MyTrucking

New Leadership Roles for MyTrucking

New Leadership Roles for MyTrucking

2023 has been a busy year for MyTrucking. With the rollout of new features, a refreshed Mobile App and more, our team is undergoing some exciting changes that are setting 2024 up to be our best year yet.

Kicking into the next gear

He might be trading the big smoke for idyllic rural living, but Tony Warwood isn’t stepping off the gas just yet.

MyTrucking is extremely pleased to announce that come November, Tony Warwood will become our General Manager. We welcomed Tony onto the advisory board last year, and have relished the wealth of experience he brings to the table.

“MyTrucking really is a breath of fresh air. The core of what MyTrucking does, and indeed what it was founded on, is helping people. Helping clients do what they need to do more seamlessly. It’s an exciting space to be in,” said Tony.

As a leader, he describes himself as a coach, mentor and motivator. Always seeking to unlock potential in whoever he works with.

Stepping into the General Manager role for MyTrucking is taking Tony back to his heavy vehicle mechanic days. While an injury saw him need to take a slight diversion in his earlier career path, he’s never veered far from the transport world. “I progressed into transport technology, combine the two and you have a great group of people bringing innovative products to the market.”

MyTrucking was a no-brainer for Tony

Since then he’s amassed a huge amount of experience, most notably his 15 years spent with EROAD in a variety of roles from Sales through to Executive General Manager, and more recently Chief Commercial Officer for Netlogix. The decision to get involved with MyTrucking was a no-brainer for Tony, who’s got a passion for developing innovative businesses and making the world their oyster.

“Being involved in a high-growth business that’s entering new markets and constantly evolving is a really exciting thing to be part of. The people in the team are outstanding – their whole culture and ethos is incredible.”

Looking to the future, Tony said he’s looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead and seeing MyTrucking shift into the next gear. He’s also looking forward to a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and hopefully, the chance to get back to Sunday drives in a Mustang in the Wairarapa. Tony and his family move down to the Wairarapa from Auckland in November.

Hello? It’s Australia calling….

It is with mixed emotions that MyTrucking announces that our Head of Customer Success, Nikola Berryman, is heading over the ditch to Australia to take up a new role for MyTrucking as our Head of Victoria Sales.

Nikola has spent a fair bit of time in Australia over the past year and will hit the ground running. Making the move in the New Year she will be the first ‘MyTrucker’ on the ground there. Headed for the sunny Victoria Coast, Nikola is looking forward to getting out and meeting new and exisiting customers, and perhaps a spot of surf lessons when she’s off the clock.

“Up until now, we haven’t had anyone based over there. It’s a logical step for us to better support our customers, both current and future.”

Nikola and her family have been part of the Gladstone community in the Wairarapa for a while now and will miss everything that comes with it, as well as the daily banter at MyTrucking HQ with the team.

“I’ll miss coming into the office each day and working with the team. We are so lucky to have such a great team at MyTrucking.”

The MyTrucking team will miss Nikola here in NZ, but are excited about the move and the continued growth of MyTrucking. 

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