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Switzers Valley Transport

The name for Switzers Valley Transport came about over a few drinks with friends when Murray Maslin and his partner were renovating their house. Everyone wrote their suggestion for a name on the bare walls, and Switzers Valley Transport was the winner.

Murray has been in the trucking game most of his life, starting out as a driver for Andrews Transport at age 18. He eventually
became a shareholder in Andrews Transport before selling in 2010 and going out on his own.

Starting out with one truck, Switzers Valley Transport has grown to a fleet of 13 trucks with livestock carting, bulk carting and spreading arms of the business. “We’re a rural trucking firm, sow fert, cart fert and cart stock and general goods. I’m the major shareholder and run the bulk and sowing division,” Murray explains.

“We’re pretty down the road rural carriers but we try to be a bit different in some of the things we do. We’re owner-operator, which I think is important, we’re not a corporate and the buck stops at myself and my stock manager.

“I feel you always work harder if it’s your bum that’s on the line. We try to be up with the play, we’ve got modern gear and try to
be revolutionary with everything we do to make the best buck for ourselves, and give clients very good service.”

Switzers Valley is based in Southland, 53km inland from Gore, but carts all around New Zealand, with stock trucks going through to the North Island.

Murray jumped on board with MyTrucking after a few gentle nudges, and admits to being a bit nervous about the technology at first, but he needn’t have worried. “I’m not super computer savvy and was worried it might be beyond me, but the team at MyTrucking come to my aid with cheeky little emails and it’s been a real pleasure to work with them.

“It’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be, and definitely much better – I’ve thrown away my diary! “I wish MyTrucking all the best, I think they have something really good going. It’s fantastic service and great people. If you’re having a bad day and the MyTrucking team walks in, you don’t have a bad day for much longer. It’s been a pleasure to get
involved, credit to them, and long may it continue.”

Download the PDF to read more from Murray at Switzers Valley Transport, why they chose MyTrucking, and his favourite saying.

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