In the News – Taming the Paper Trail

Taming the paper trail

Taming the paper trail

From the glimmer of an idea, and driven by the desire of taming the paper trail for a friend, MyTrucking is set to celebrate nine successful years this year! With more than ten million jobs invoiced for users in New Zealand and around the world.

MyTrucking was established in 2014 by Wairarapa couple Sam and Sara Orsborn. It was developed alongside a local transport business to stream-line their paper-based system, and lessen the administrative burden of invoicing.

MyTrucking’s initial offering proved popular among several other transport companies. Sam and Sara then approached a local software developer to help make it available to a wider audience.

Sam and Sara now work alongside a team of fifteen, who each bring different skills to the table. They work together to achieve a shared vision for the company and its customers.

Values that guide decision-making at MyTrucking revolve around the customer’s needs and wanting to make the software as efficient and easy to use as possible. That means only needing to enter a job once to have it flow through to invoicing and, being cloud-based, there is access from anywhere with a wifi connection.

The benefits of MyTrucking

With an easy-to-use customer portal, driver app and auto-pricing, office and fleet can run smoothly with minimal face-to-face contact.

“It’s all about reducing time, removing mistakes, improving communication and making invoicing easy,” says Sara. “Job information flows from your daysheet to the driver, the customer and the invoice — and you can ditch the paper diary!”

Northland’s Ian and Shelley Newey from Newey Transport say that it was great to have the ‘no-obligation’ trial and get a feel for the software.

“I was sold on it pretty much straight away and could see the efficiencies we could gain from it,’ says Ian. “Our dispatcher can dispatch trucks remotely from a tablet in his home. We’re doing around seventy-five loads a day and he’s the point of contact for thirty drivers and ten logging crews. To be able to put a portion of his work it into an app-system has made everyone’s job easier.”

Accurately capturing data from drivers is a huge plus and Ian says the efficiency gains are huge.

“The workload in the office has dropped. Sign-off at the end of the month is quick. It’s remarkable how it’s taken the pressure off everyone’s lives. I really like that it’s a kiwi company too; I think that’s important. They’ve made it simple for everyone, which is the key.”

This article features in the Business North NZ Newspaper