In the News – MyTrucking profile Morris Transport

MyTrucking profile Morris Transport

In the News – MyTrucking profile Morris Transport.

Morris Transport has been part of the MyTrucking family for three years. The family-run business has been going from strength to strength in recent years. They’re reaping the rewards of a more streamlined approach to their operation with the help of MyTrucking.

Morris Transport is a business built on reliability, service and customer contact. Founded in 2011 by Peter and Christine, and based in Larpent on the edge of Colac and the Otway Ranges in South West Victoria, they predominantly transport livestock, fodder and timber throughout Victoria and New South Wales. They take pride in their family business which has a strong focus on supporting their local community.

How was the workflow previously managed?

Prior to MyTrucking, Christine says that their workflow largely relied on phone calls, text messages and Google map drop pins from the office to drivers, and of course, their trusty microwave acting as a mailbox for document drops at the top of the driveway.

“We were having issues with missed billings, jobs not getting invoiced and having to search through messages for drop pins. While the drivers become familiar with locations it’s not always front of mind. It just meant we were all spending a lot of time on our phones,” explains Peter.

While at a conference in Bendigo four years ago, Peter happened upon a talk from the MyTrucking team. He immediately saw where it could help solve some of their problems. But it was another six months before they took the leap and joined the MyTrucking family.

“I was a little hesitant at the start, I saw it as more work to get everything set up and started and we were time-poor. We didn’t have anything in place at the start, so it was just convincing ourselves that it was the way to go. Initially, we were a bit daunted by the time involved in getting all the initial information into MyTrucking, but the support we received during that process was amazing,” says Christine. 

MyTrucking has streamlined their job scheduling and invoicing tenfold, with no missed invoices or billing and all essential paperwork in one easy-to-find place. It’s easy enough for everyone in their business to use including subcontractors and MyTruckings integration with Xero makes their lives even easier.

The benefits of MyTrucking’s Driver App

Being able to use MyTrucking via the app and on a desktop means that everyone has the information they need at their fingertips and this helped them hugely when everyone was working from home during COVID-19.

“It’s no longer time-consuming to price a job, as drivers populate the app fields by entering head number carted, loaded kilometres, and hours taken. The price can be automatically calculated on populated fields or matched to previous jobs with exact details.”

“There’s lots to like about MyTrucking. Drivers can put their own jobs in and set them to repeat. Being able to attach NVD’s,  dockets and invoices to a job helps keep things orderly as well,” she says.

Their drivers’ jobs are made even easier by being able to put a drop pin anywhere along a road to save valuable time trying to figure out where the yards are.

“We can also pop in notes for our drivers, just little things like noting a feisty bull or a client that likes to chat, it all adds to our own customer experience which has flow-on benefits.”

“MyTrucking is great to work with. With a lot of software out there it just is what it is and you sort of take it or leave it. With MyTrucking if something is not working they want to know and help offer a work around solution. We also regularly use the chat bot box to help nut out errors, it’s very fast and effective communication”

Champions of MyTrucking

Like any system change, Christine says they had the odd teething issue as they got their heads around MyTrucking but in no time at all the whole team was confident using the system and they are now huge champions of MyTrucking.

“MyTrucking has helped everywhere in our business. It’s easy to use, the customer service is brilliant and it’s helped support our growing business.”

This article appeared in Owner Driver magazine, read it online here.