Spring into spring: time to take stock of business

MyTrucking spring clean

Shake off the winter chill and spring into spring with the MyTrucking checklist for some simple ways to streamline your business, set new goals and gear up for what’s left of the year.


  1. Is your accounting system working for you? Or are you plugging away in spreadsheets or old-fashioned software? Using accounting software that can easily integrate with your systems, like MYOB or Xero, is a simple way to super charge efficiencies in your business and make invoicing a breeze. If you commit to making the change now there is still plenty of time to tidy up, review and prepare for the financial year-end and a transition.


  1. Check out your dashboard. Not the one in the truck – the one for your business! What are your metrics telling you? If you use MyTrucking there’s heaps of useful stats on the built-in dashboard and you can use that information to set some goals for the rest of the year. For example, it could be handy to note which of your customers you are doing the most work for and plan around that – is it likely to change in the coming months?  Which of your vehicles is generating the most revenue – do you know why?


  1. Show your appreciation. Everyone loves warm fuzzies and it’s a great idea to take the time to thank the people who make your business tick. At MyTrucking we send customers lolly packs, mouse mats and beersies as often as possible, to show our gratitude and we run an internal competition to see who in the team is the month’s ‘Good Trucker’ and give them an award.


  1. Challenge yourself to try out a new feature in your transport management system – you could start using the mobile app to get dockets back electronically, invite customers to the customer portal to make it even easier for them to do business with you, or link up your GPS to track income by vehicle. The more you use the system, the bigger the spring in your step!

This article features in Owner Driver magazine.