The Holy Grail Cracked – New Zealand Trucking Magazine

In previous generations, many an operator has spent a small fortune pursuing the Holy Grail that was instantaneous cents per-truck-per-day revenue analysis. Now, thanks to a couple of innovative Kiwi success stories, it’s as easy as signing on!

It’s the yardstick by which 99% of cost-conscious transport operators would like to run their business – revenue by truck, by kilometre, by day, in real time. Getting the information has always been doable; getting it instantly hasn’t. Prior to computers, legions of rating clerks and office administrators toiled over endless piles of dockets. First was the reconciliation of the docket against the operations diary, ensuring the job was done and coded to the right trucks; second was the rating, and some time later (often days in larger companies), if all went well, there was the golden figure.

If those operators of the past could see the product of a recent collaboration between Kiwi firms MyTrucking and EROAD, it is likely they wouldn’t know whether to laugh at the eureka moment or cry at its apparent simplicity.

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