New members for MyTrucking advisory board

New members for MyTrucking advisory board

New members for MyTrucking advisory board

MyTrucking has added to the depth of knowledge and technology and transport industry experience on its advisory board, with the appointment of two new members.

We’re excited to welcome Tony Warwood, and Kate Hyndman to the board. They join our existing board members, Edwin Read, Nick Rogers, Sam and Sara Orsborn, Ivan Bozich and Nikola Berryman.

Tony Warwood

Tony Warwood is the Chief Commercial Officer for Netlogix, a digital platform that aims to simplify freight. “Through smart technology and an optimised network, Netlogix moves more freight with less trucks, creating sustainable transport solutions that benefits shippers, carriers and communities,” he explains.

Tony brings a wealth of industry experience, having previously spent nearly 15 years at ERoad in a variety of roles from sales up to General Manager.

He actually began his working career as a heavy vehicle mechanic, but an injury forced him to give that up. Realising he missed the people in the transport industry, he got into sales instead. “I progressed into transport technology, combine the two and you have a great group of people bringing innovative products to the market.”

Tony says MyTrucking is making it much easier and simpler for people to manage and operate their businesses. He is keen to be involved with another smart New Zealand company building a high-quality product. He aims to help grow the business, both here and offshore.

“It’s a cool journey and part of the NZ Inc story. For me, it’s helping around how you go into a new market and set yourself up for success. They are really good people (at MyTrucking) and their whole culture and ethos – it’s a great company to be involved with.”

Kate Hyndman

Kate Hyndman brings a fresh perspective on the technology sector. With 25 years of experience in a variety of New Zealand businesses, helping them scale into global markets.

From working as a software engineer building systems, she has moved into tech leadership roles over time, holding directorships for a variety of companies.

“Essentially, I spent the formative part of my career at FNZ, which has grown into a global wealth tech provider. We scaled FNZ from a small business into a number of international markets. I learned what it takes to grow from a start-up into a large enterprise business.”

On leaving her CTO role with FNZ she had the opportunity to become a director of the Asia Pacific division of the company, and her focus became guiding rather than doing.

Kate has transitioned away from executive roles and attention to developing out her governance and advisory career. This has allowed her to be involved with a variety of different organisations, such as MyTrucking.

“I enjoy working with smaller businesses that have big ambitions to grow. MyTrucking’s family-based values and a strong people focus make it a special environment to work in. I’m always interested to have the opportunity to learn about different sectors, and I haven’t worked in the transport sector before.”

Creating opportunities

Working with regional businesses and creating opportunities outside the main city centres is also a drawcard for her.

“The company wants to grow. They are already in the Australian market but they want to scale that up, and with my skillset, I feel I can bring some insight and help there, as well as providing tech expertise.”

Another change for the board is Edwin moving into the role of chairperson, having first joined the board in 2019.

The advisory board meets quarterly and our first meeting with our new board members will take place in February next year.

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