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Carpendale Transport

Online transport management system MyTrucking was developed to help solve the issues related to excessive paperwork, too many phone calls and invoicing dramas.

Since the app was launched over seven years ago with a small group of New Zealand transport operators, it has grown extensively and is now being used by over 300 transport businesses in New Zealand and more than 100 in Australia.

“An accountant in Australia was looking for an add-on solution for their transport clients and he found us. From there it’s grown through word of mouth, which is fantastic,” said MyTrucking founder Sara Orsborn.

Carpendale Commodities and Transport, based in Goondiwindi, swears by the technology. The business has an 18,000 acre grain farm, with commodities and transport arms. It took on the MyTrucking software in July 2017. Reports from drivers at Carpendale have been great. They are stoked about how the MyTrucking app simplifies their job, which means more time behind the wheel and less time messing around with a pen and paper.

“We get receipt printouts at jobs. We used to have to then re-write half of them but now we just take a photo with the app and its sorted,” said one of Carpendale’s truckies.

Back at the Carpendale office, general Manager Jason Elmes reckons MyTrucking has halved the administration workload, which frees up time to build the transport operations. “It’s cut the workload by 50 per cent around the office, especially at harvest time. When we enter a job, the information pre-fills a lot of the time and isn’t double handled.”

The big benefit for Carpendale and its drivers, Elmes says, is having everything in one place within the app – from the address of a farm through to contact details. “On the logistics side it’s just as good as the invoicing. Because contact details and farm details are all there, it saves so much time and mistakes. I can also do things remotely which saves everybody time.”

The MyTrucking team set out to offer the best service in the game, and Carpendale Transport has been pleased with the result. “The service has been great, I can’t fault them,” Elmes added.  “We’ve had that much help getting it all set up and the moment you have a question you’ve got someone calling you to answer it.”

This high level of customer service has seen customers across Australia – including DT Rogers in Victoria (with David Rogers the owner featuring in many of the MyTrucking adverts) and TGR Transport also in Vic – grow their business alongside MyTrucking for many years.

MyTrucking is billed on a month-by-month basis with no contracts to sign. Tom Allen at TGR says “MyTrucking has helped with saving time, improving efficiencies, accuracy, cashflow – the list goes on. Overall, we are so much more organised now.”

It’s not as though the schedule and diary are broken, but MyTrucking’s simple software allows businesses to operate more efficiently. When every lost docket is lost income, having a digital record in real time just makes sense.

The MyTrucking team is committed to building software that is the scheduler’s friend, making it simple to plan loads and communicate with drivers as well as generating data and reports that give business owners real insights into efficiency and performance.

Transporters can try MyTrucking free for two weeks by visiting

This article appeared in the July 2021 issue of Big Rigs.

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