In the News – Smooth sailing with MyTrucking driver app

Campbell Transport

With the MyTrucking driver app, Campbell Transport has cut down on paperwork and overcome the challenge of dispatching jobs to drivers in remote locations, who are often on the road for days.

David Campbell founded Campbell Transport when he bought his first truck at the age of 22. Now, 22 years later, the fleet has grown to 80 trucks.

Based in Western Australia, the business does bulk haulage, grain, fertiliser, has side tippers and carts livestock, as well as general freight. The three arms of the business are agriculture, mining and general freight.

Agriculture operations manager, Leon Whittle, says the biggest benefit of using MyTrucking has been the driver’s app, given the remote nature of many of their jobs.

“A lot of places we go to have bad cell-phone reception, and we sometimes have trouble contacting drivers if they’re out of range. With the app, we put a load on and bang, it’s on their phone and they know exactly what they need to do – that makes it really easy. We can put maps on there and, as long as the client gives me the right location number, the drivers can see exactly where they’re going.”

Read the full article, published in Big Rigs, here.

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