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Horne Ag Logistics

Horne Ag Logistics are relatively new to the MyTrucking family, but the family-owned business is already reaping the rewards of greater transparency and traceability in their operation, and valuable data reporting at the click of a button.

Horne Ag Logistics, run by Jeremy and Carly Horne, has been operating from its Hillston base in the Western Riverina district of NSW since 2013.

They provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for bulk commodity transport, handling, and storage. Horne Ag operates bdouble and PBS adouble combinations, locally and interstate, to major ports and end-users.

Prior to MyTrucking, Jeremy says workflow was managed using load charts and excel spreadsheets.

Transparency and traceability amongst staff were the big issues the Hornes wanted to address.

“We live in a just-in-time world. A busy, complex, transport business with constantly changing plans and customer needs requires reliable information and communication updates amongst all staff. We also had no live data reporting for completed and future jobs. Any enquiry had to be manually added up, which was frustrating and very time-consuming,” he explains.

Horne Ag Logistics joined MyTrucking on June 1, 2022, and had it fully implemented and running by the end of June, which lined up well with their end of financial year.

“We chose MyTrucking for its simplicity and effectiveness. They haven’t over-complicated their system, and it is easily customisable to different businesses requirements.

“The MyTrucking service is second to none. There is no question or query that is too hard. They always pick up the phone, which is the main thing. They are also strong supporters and sponsors of industry associations, which is great to see.”

Jeremy admits it was difficult to break habit and change the way they previously operated. But once they invested the time to set the system up properly and implement it to its full capacity, they could soon see the huge benefits they were gaining.

MyTrucking has streamlined their paperwork and invoicing substantially. “It takes our office staff far less time to complete invoicing, which is great as the job isn’t complete until the paperwork is done. As MyTrucking fully integrates with Xero accounting software, it is very easy.”

Other key benefits include the transparency and traceability amongst staff, and the valuable data reporting. Jeremy says the ability to be able to access any load docket or information remotely and promptly via ipad etc is a great help too.

“MyTrucking has helped us the most with fully customisable data reporting. Efficient business starts with effective systems and processes, and a business cannot grow without them. The MyTrucking reporting gives us valuable data with a few clicks of the mouse, which can easily be shared.

“Our customers rely on us to not over or under deliver on contract orders and tonnages. MyTrucking data reporting keeps us in close touch with all jobs, and ensures no “loose ends” are left behind or forgotten about. It also helps us to remain within our capacity, and eliminates us over-committing and under-delivering to workload.”

This article appeared in Owner Driver magazine, read it online here.


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