In the News – MyTrucking leadership role for Berryman

MyTrucking Head of Customer Success, Nikola Berryman

With an eye to the future, MyTrucking’s growth goals are firmly focused on Australia for 2022, and beyond.

MyTrucking transport management software has transformed the transport industry, with over 500 businesses across New Zealand, Australia and the UK enjoying a reduced paper load, and saving a truckload of time.

Nikola Berryman has recently stepped up to the Head of Customer Success role for MyTrucking, bringing with her a depth of industry knowledge and strong desire to help customers.

Nikola will be looking after the sales and support team to ensure support remains top notch, and the onboarding process continues to improve.

“I’ll still be working in the business doing what I’ve always done, helping potential customers through the trial process, bringing them on board and helping current customers get the most out of the programme, but I’ll now be doing it from a leadership perspective.  It’s important to me to continue working with the team in this capacity so I don’t lose touch with the customers and the program.”

Nikola has been with MyTrucking for three years, after she and her family moved here from Australia in January 2019. “I had met Sara and Sam through my work in Australia with a livestock transporter when we were looking to implement MyTrucking.”

Nikola’s career has been based around the livestock and transport industries, a love that grew from her childhood spent on a cropping and livestock farm near North Star, which is part of the ‘Golden Triangle’, an area renowned for cropping in Northern NSW.

“As a kid we had trucks pulling up and taking livestock and grain, and I would take trips in our International Acco 2150A, 555 Cummins motor, 13 speed road ranger gearbox truck to the North Star grain silos with my dad during grain season.

“Growing up on the land, and my previous work history has certainly given me an advantage in understanding our customer base and the challenges they face in the transport industry. With MyTrucking I can help them improve their processes, which in turn improves their life. I’ve dealt with farmers, harvesting contractors, truck drivers, and transport business owners all my life.”

Nikola started out working in the livestock office for an abattoir in Australia, dealing with consignments and quantities, as well as liaising with the stock yards and transporters. It was through this job she met Robert Cavanagh (Cav), the managing director of Cavanagh’s Transport and Stockmaster.

“Cav was the main transporter for the abattoir, and I ended up going to work for him after my time at Bindaree Beef. I was responsible for the bookkeeping, payroll, liaising with truck drivers, mechanics, buyers, and farmers. I also introduced Xero across the two companies, after using Translogix for many years. In my opinion it is just as important for the transport industry to keep up with technology as it is any other industry.”

Cav, a well-known and respected name in the Australian transport industry, ran what Nikola describes as a ‘tidy’ operation. Stockmaster had a fleet of 35 trucks, while Cavanagh’s had about 10 trucks. Stockmaster operates out of a large depot in Tamworth, with stock yards and a big workshop on site.

Nikola and Sara from MyTrucking at the Brisbane Truck show event

Now, she brings her knowledge of the industry to MyTrucking, and says the best part of her role is the customers she gets to help daily.

“They’re all hard working, genuine people. I like their straight talking, no bull shit attitude, and I always get a good laugh out of them. They’re fun, have quirky sayings, and are just good people.”

Nikola, along with MyTrucking founder Sara Orsborn, is heading to the NSW Rural and Bulk Carriers Conference in Wagga Wagga in late May.

This article featured online in May in Owner Driver.