In the News – Family owned and operated business using MyTrucking

TGR Transport hay

Established in 2009 by Managing Director, Tom Allen, TGR Transport is a family owned and operated business using MyTrucking to manage the operation. 

With depots in Mortlake and Geelong but operating Australia-wide, the business has grown to include a fleet of Kenworth trucks with a range of trailers to move bulk grain, hay, straw, oversized machinery and equipment, as well as supplying pilot vehicles and container sales.

“The key thing is traceability, I now have all the information on my jobs available at any time. The information from the drivers is updated immediately and there is no chance of losing track of anything,” Allen says.

“It’s very easy to repeat old jobs and duplicate current jobs. I use it as a job board, even if the job isn’t confirmed, like an electronic diary or calendar.

The time saving has been massive and it has really helped with cash flow, and we are so much more organised now.

My business has grown hugely, there is plenty of work available and now we’re running MyTrucking we can confidently take on the work knowing we can manage it all easily. It would have taken many more staff to cope with the increased workload.

The support provided by the MyTrucking team is fantastic, as is their ongoing innovation to better service operator’s needs and requests.”

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