Exciting features of 2018 for MyTrucking

2018 saw a lot of exciting new features released in MyTrucking, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your support this year.

As a reminder here are some of the significant new features so far this year:

  • Driver Notifications
  • Send real-time job data to EROAD
  • Pull distance and engine hrs from EROAD
  • Sign on glass
  • Email consignment note
  • Delete images from jobs
  • Merge client data and archive client
  • New user type – Basic Operator
  • View job change history
  • Multi daysheet reporting
  • Bulk un-invoice jobs

If you want to know more about any of the above, please do ask.

We welcomed two new members to the MyTrucking team this year. Natalie joined our Sales and Support team, and Sam has joined us in the Development team.

Did you know?

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Adding Drivers after adding a job
If you have added a job in to MyTrucking and assigned a vehicle, and then later add a new Driver in to MyTrucking the job will not appear in the Mobile App.  To change this you simply un-assign job to no vehicle, save and reassign.

MyTrucking Help Documents and Videos
You can find all our help documents and videos at the following link

What is coming next?

  • Attach files to jobs
  • Attach files to Xero for invoices
  • MYOB Essentials integration
  • Automated Fuel levy
  • Create your own invoice description templates
  • Google Maps integration

NZ Trucking Article

Did you see the great article about Renalls Ltd and their integration between MyTrucking and EROAD?

Thanks again for your ongoing support. Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

Kind Regards,

The MyTrucking team

P.S Full support is available over the Xmas and New Year period via the online help. If you have recently set up to trial, this quiet time may be a good chance to have a good play.