Counting the haul

Wairarapa News July 2014

A new web-based application developed by a Carterton couple is taking off as trucking firms see the advantages of this “incredibly simple” cartage management software.

Sam and Sara Orsborn have used Masterton tech firm Technology Solutions to build MyTrucking – a programme that simplifies and streamlines the whole process from inputting data to invoicing clients.

A few years ago Sam Orsborn created a basic system for a local trucking company, Wairarapa Livestock Transport (WLT), that helped manage and run their cartage operation. Word spread and the Access programme became quite sought after, so in order to keep up with today’s world of accessing business services on the cloud, Sam has worked with Technology Solutions and WLT to specifically design and build this online application.

Sam works for farm consultancy Baker & Associates and also is very involved in the family business, Sharpes Stockfeed with his parents and wife Sara.

Sara has a background in working for agriculture businesses large and small and she also has her own marketing firm Scoop Enterprises. She is the marketing manager for MyTrucking, which is already gaining traction in the market after being launched recently.

“We have worked closely with the experts at Technology Solutions to build this programme and it is proving to be very popular and is very exciting. We are in the very early stages of getting it out there but those clients using it now are loving it and the word is getting around very quickly,” Sam says.

Lloyd Wilson of Technology Solutions says their senior developer, Dave McKinley, has done a great job putting together the software.

“Technology Solutions’ role has been to develop the technical application to support our client’s vision. MyTrucking is yet another Wairarapa success story as a result of local businesses partnering to fill a niche market,” Wilson says.

David Benner of Heikell Transport Ltd was sold on the programme after trialling it for one day.

“We took on trialling the MyTrucking programme at the busiest time of the year, and after running our business from a diary for 20 years we never thought we would throw it away after one day.”

MyTrucking fully integrates with popular cloud based accounting software Xero and may soon be an official ‘add-on’ partner with Xero, which would be a great marketing boost.

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