Teletrac Navman

GPS truck tracking software backed by years of experience and industry know-how.
MyTrucking and Teletrac Navman integration

What is Teletrac Navman?

Getting goods from one place to another can be a logistical nightmare, requires planning and intimate monitoring to keep everything running smoothly. Furthermore, ensuring you manage compliance and safety can be complex. Teletrac Navman fleet management software can help you gain control in the face of both predictable and unexpected challenges.

Reduce Driver Turnover

High driver turnover creates tremendous drag on profitability and growth. With fewer drivers available, companies must work harder to keep the good ones and enable them to be confident on the road. A better informed driver helps to keep the operation moving forward. Productivity, efficiency and compliance applications at the driver’s fingertips keeps routes running smoothly and safer. The use of telematics makes the driver’s jobs easier and gives you added peace of mind.

Increase Profitability and Reduce Costs

Fleet management software enables crucial communication between drivers and dispatchers and enables them to add jobs and adjust routes in real time for maximum efficiency. Reduce fuel costs, vehicle insurance, truck maintenance and more. By improving routing, fully utilising load capacity, and reducing insurance premiums, you stand to earn greater long-term profits

Maintain Compliance and ensure safety

Compliance is always top-of-mind of everyone’s in the transport chain of the industry. A GPS tracking system enables confidence in your fleet’s compliance and provides valuable data. Meet the COR, NHVAS, and NHVL requirements of your business with key insights into what is happening with your trucks at any moment. Build a culture of safety with telematics.

Fuel Tax credits and FTC manager

Using highly accurate GPS location data to track vehicle activity – on and off the public road network, FTC Manager automatically calculates off-road travel, off-road idle and auxiliary fuel use to support high value fuel tax rebates and deliver measurable return on investment. Teletrac Navman fuel tax credit rebate solution is a revolutionary solution for calculating and claiming rebates. It’s the first and most comprehensive solution with an ATO Class Ruling for maximising heavy vehicle FTC claims on an ongoing basis.

In vehicle multi camera solution

Designed specifically for fleet operators, Teletrac Navman’s smart camera solution is a high-definition system that captures rolling footage, while triggering events via internal sensors, from harsh usage to speeding. What does this mean? Real-time footage as events occurs, all from the comfort of the office.

How do we integrate?

Our MyTrucking app is bundled on the Teletrac Navman MT201 devices

MyTrucking is the only job management software app that is available for use pre-loaded onto the in-cab device. This means you don’t need your drivers to use their own phones, or supply them with one to use the MyTrucking app – its all there in one place.


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