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MyTrucking - A simple software solution

MyTrucking is simple

We like the simple things in life. MyTrucking is so simple and easy to get started on, you’ll be amazed.

We believe so whole heartedly in a simple transition to our trucking software management system that we’re willing to bet you’ll be ready to ditch the diary in no time.

Our software is easy to use, developed with trucking businesses in mind. You can dip a toe in with our no obligation free trial, and we’ll give you all the support you need for a seamless transition to a simpler life.

It’s easy to start using MyTrucking

Our customers love how simple and easy it is to make the move to MyTrucking.

John Campbell, owner operator of Cochrane Transport in Ashburton, says the transition was very easy.

“We signed up and had a play around for a bit to find what worked for us. Because we do a lot of freight we have a lot of different products we use. There’s not really anything that can go wrong with MyTrucking. To set it up and use it was just so easy – if I can work it, anyone can!

“The support from MyTrucking has just been fantastic, if we ever have a question they’re always there to help out. That side of things I think is really great, the support is second to none.”

Campbell Transport, based in Western Australia, decided to trial MyTrucking after meeting the team at the NatRoad Conference in Queensland.

Agriculture operations manager, Leon Whittle, says the software is easy to use. “It’s so friendly to use. We can see what we’ve got – no whiteboards, no paperwork. I reckon it’s a great system – I love it.”

You know trucking, we know software – it’s a marriage made in heaven. You don’t need to understand software or be a technology guru to use MyTrucking, we’ve got that part covered by making it simple to use. We promise you’ll be able to get on with driving your trucks, not a computer. Sit back and simply come along for the ride.

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