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How business efficiency can help

When we talk about running a successful business, efficiency is a word that crops up time and time again.

Creating or finding new ways to be more efficient in your business can lead to significant time and cost savings – something we can all get on board with.

At MyTrucking we’re all about efficiency and helping to free you from the mindless monotony of mountains of paperwork and hours sitting in the office. By ditching the diary and embracing technology, we promise there are huge gains to be made.

Rather than a negative thing, we like to view inefficiency as an opportunity for improvement. When we can remove inefficiency, we all benefit.

MyTrucking works alongside many other systems to create efficiencies – financial systems (like Xero and MYOB), internal MyTrucking business systems (like Intercom) so we can respond to your requests for assistance super quickly, and other business’s systems (such as EROAD). On the flip side, we recognise that a one size fits all approach to our customers is NOT efficient, as so many have unique businesses, and what they’re looking for from a software solution might be different.

Our programme features a truckload of features that will supercharge efficiencies in your business – here are just a few you might like to try out:

  • Electronic documents: Receive electronic documents, like Proof of Delivery (PoD), immediately. No more waiting for paperwork at the end of the day, or the week – or the month! You can capture the name and signature of the person accepting delivery on the Mobile App and get that back to the office in seconds.
  • Integrated invoicing: Full integration with Xero and MYOB AccountRight. This means your jobs flow through to your accounting system seamlessly, and invoices are created automatically. No forgotten jobs = no lost income.
  • Driver app: Quickly and easily get jobs to drivers any time anywhere, and see when they have completed jobs. The driver app works on both Apple and Android devices, works when out of network range and will auto-sync when connectivity is re-established.
  • Customer portal: Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Never miss or lose a job request and save time on phone calls and updates. Customer Portal is an online booking systemwhere your customers can submit a job request to you, anytime, anywhere and check the status without bugging you.

Efficiency increases profitability

Our clients tell us they love the efficiencies they gain from using MyTrucking. At Pingelly Transport in Western Australia, MyTrucking has helped this family owned and operated business to become more efficient, and easily measure vehicle profitability.

“Being parents of three young kids – and Bill (husband) driving a truck full time – we had to find an easy, quick and simpler way to get invoicing done, without compromising on any parts of our business, and myself not being in an office all day getting the book work done,” owner Zoe Moulton explains.

“The key benefit MyTrucking provides for our business is the easy to use invoicing system. The auto-pricing function and pre-set invoice descriptions makes invoicing so quick, efficient and accurate. The reports MyTrucking provide shows us the exact areas we are performing well in and areas for improvement at a glance. These figures can be reviewed easily whenever we need them.”

Competitive advantage due to efficient software

MyTrucking has also helped Auckland-based VT Transport Ltd grow by over 300% in just six years, going from 15-20 trucks to now having 68.

Pana Sharma says the software gave his business a competitive advantage, helping him be agile and secure new clients. Being able to capture and store Proof of Delivery (POD) and email it to customers quickly, if needed, provided a valuable point of difference.

“Customers want good communication and record keeping, which is what MyTrucking delivers.”

This has stood VT Transport Ltd in good stead when applying for tenders, which place high emphasis on dispatch systems, ability to keep accurate records and being able to communicate quickly.

While no software programme can replace the value of human relationships, we like to think of MyTrucking as that important link between people and product.

If you’re keen to find efficiencies in your business then great software, like MyTrucking, can help. Clever online tools can liberate you and your team from time consuming admin, leaving you free to focus on building human relationships and undertaking more valuable work – work that can add even more to your bottom line.

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