How Does A Transport Management System Improve Customer Experience

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What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

A transport management system (TMS) is specialised software that assists in the planning, execution, and optimisation of goods transportation. In the broadest sense, a TMS is used to improve shipping efficiency, lower costs, provide real-time supply chain visibility, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and logistics providers are all major users of TMS software. By utilising advances in technology, those businesses that adopt a digital TMS are more efficient at overcoming challenges to transport systems of the past, such as errors and delays to customers. 

Benefits of a Transport Management System

There are various advantages to using a TMS to help transport freight from origin to destination accurately and efficiently. Small and medium-sized trucking companies will find that a TMS can improve daily operations, and provide a better standard of customer service to clients. But, before deciding whether a transport management system is right for you, let’s consider how it might benefit your business. The following are some of the advantages of a TMS:

  • Reduces cost

When it comes to lowering shipping costs, having efficient transportation management software can help enormously. The most efficient system will examine the financial aspects of each route to determine which is the most efficient. These improvements to your logistics cut costs in areas such as fuel consumption and driver overtime and help to increase ROI through transport management.

  • Enhances supply chain efficiency

Efficiency is a key TMS customer service metric that trucking businesses will experience from the first days of using their new system. Your company’s productivity will rise as a result of its new ability to track drivers and inventory. Logistical managers are better able to anticipate and respond to potential problems more quickly and efficiently. As a result, not only will you improve shipping speed with a transport management system, but you’ll also improve client satisfaction.

  • Effective inventory management

With the support of a trustworthy TMS solution, businesses can keep track of their order and shipment lifecycles in real-time. As a result, they will be able to more accurately anticipate their inventories, improving supply chain transparency and responsibility. And thanks to the tracking tools, the TMS software will ensure clients will receive their items on time or at least be aware of any delays.

  • Minimal documentation helps save time

A TMS customer care metric that is more difficult to track is how much time it saves you and your client by reducing documentation. Because the TMS automates all of your accounts, it reduces the quantity of paperwork and documentation needed to keep the business functioning properly. It’s a win-win situation, reducing administrative costs and improving accuracy. 


How Can A TMS Help Improve Customer Experience?

To the surprise of many trucking companies, one of the most significant benefits of upgrading to a digital transportation management system has come from the perspective of the client. With advanced TMS customer support and higher levels of transport management customer service, people find it simple to do business with companies using a transportation management system, and they virtually always become repeat customers. 

  • One stop for supply chain management

A centralised supply chain is one in which all of a company’s resources are centralised in one location. This allows a trucking business’s resources to be organised from a single place and distributed efficiently. Not only does this reduce misunderstanding, but it also results in increased total profit for your company and a better overall experience for your clients. Learn more about which trucking KPIs you should be tracking to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce constant need to follow up

Progress calls from clients are becoming a thing of the past for transportation firms using a TMS. Instead of chasing deliveries and waiting on hold, customers can monitor their collection or delivery using technology such as GPS tracking and real-time updates. This means you won’t have to deal with check calls, and your customers won’t have to deal with the trouble of calling in the first place. 

  • Share real-time information 

Your customers want to be able to trust you above everything else, which is why traceability is so important. By giving a clearly documented trail for their product via your shipping line, you offer customers a higher level of transparency. When transportation businesses offer this service, they immediately establish a high level of confidence and accountability in their company.

  • Reduce confusion

Automated solutions help trucking businesses keep track of their processes by centralising everything into one intuitive system. Rather than having a bunch of paperwork or other documents cluttering up your computer, you can access everything you need from one place, ensuring that everything is where it belongs, regardless of scheduling or absence.

  • Eliminate physical paperwork

Why manage all that paperwork by printing, writing, and keeping it when you can automate and digitally sign everything instead? You can also provide a touch-free experience for your consumers by reading and signing documents on each device. As a result, you’re less likely to make errors, and clients are less likely to be delayed.

  • Allow last minute order changes

Thanks to online shopping, we’re used to calling the shots when it comes to our purchases. Customers expect to have the flexibility to change their orders, regardless of what it means to you in terms of backend processes. Using manual transport management, these last-minute modifications are, if not impossible, a major headache.

However, with a TMS, last-minute modifications are simple. With no paperwork to be amended in the interim, the changes are reflected in the transport management system in a matter of seconds. 

  • Accurate and precise order fulfilment

Customer satisfaction in the trucking industry hinges on accurate, timely deliveries. As a result, Transportation Management Systems have become critical for every manufacturer, distributor or transporter. A TMS assists businesses in correctly planning driving routes and delivery times, allowing you to reach your customers on time.

  • Simplify exchange or returns

Previously, exchanging or returning a delivery was a time-consuming and inconvenient process. But with a transport management system, organising returns – known as reverse logistics – is a breeze. Customers can request an exchange or return with a single click, and the TMS efficiently schedules the pick-up based on the optimal routing of existing vehicles. The result? A happy customer, every time.

Increase Efficiency In Your Supply Chain With MyTrucking Transport Management System

When it comes to choosing the right TMS, it’s worth considering the features of a good transport management system and how your business could most benefit from the tools offered. While it can be easy to get caught up in increasing profit, transport customer service plays a huge role in the longevity and ultimate success of your business. 

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