Events on the radar for MyTrucking

Nikola and Sara from MyTrucking at the Brisbane Truck show event

Now that we have the green light to gather, the MyTrucking team is pumped to meet our customers, and those interested in MyTrucking, face-to-face once again.

You’ll find members of our team at events and conferences here in New Zealand, and across the ditch, this year.

Newly appointed Head of Customer Success, Nikola Berryman, and MyTrucking founder Sara Orsborn, are heading to the NSW Livestock Bulk and Rural Carriers Association Conference in Wagga Wagga in late May.

In November, the MyTrucking team will be out in force at the NZ Trucking Association Trucking Show in Christchurch.

The MyTruckers are looking forward to catching up with our customers, and anyone that may be interested in having a chat about MyTrucking.

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