Why use MyTrucking

MyTrucking is for small to medium transport businesses, we have designed it to stream-line the process for dispatchers, drivers, and accounts. From a single entry when the job is first received it flows through to invoicing with ease.

MyTrucking saves time, removes mistakes, improves communication and saves you money.

Your existing system

  • Probably a paper based system or spreadsheets to manage jobs.
  • Everything is hand-written,
  • Paper dockets are returned by drivers and kept for end of month.
  • End of month, gather up dockets and begin the task of pricing.
  • Admin enters into the accounting system.

Issues raised by our customers

  • amount of admin time, they hate it.
  • driven by paper.
  • amount of hand-writing, and re-writing everything when things change.
  • amount of time to do end of month.
  • history or jobs in peoples heads.
  • lost dockets (we have heard stories like the dog eating a docket).
  • entering info into account system.
  • replicating things over and over again.
  • “we know we miss the odd job, but it’s not much”


MyTrucking system

  • single entry (nothing is re-entered or duplicated).
  • job information is automatically captured
  • drivers receive jobs to their phones.
  • dockets are captured by the app.
  • pricing is automatic.
  • admin time is dramatically reduced.
  • every job is invoiced.
  • mistakes are reduced.
  • invoicing is done with a click (no entry in accounts system required).

Benefits raised by our customers

  • confidence in our system.
  • “we didn’t realise how much we were not billing”.
  • cashflow improved dramatically.
  • drivers love using the app.
  • dispatchers feel more in control.
  • ability and confidence to grow the business.
  • admin love billing it is so easy.
  • simplicity of the system – “you nailed it”.
  • transparency across the team is amazing (everyone know whats going on).
  • an edge in a crowded market.
  • “released me to work on delivering a better service”.


Trusted by customers world-wide

Dave Benner

Heikell Transport - Whakatane, NZ

"After running our business from a diary for 20 years we never thought we would throw it away after one day!"

Jeremy Pittman

Pittman Transport - Orange, NSW

"MyTrucking has been a beneficial find – Congratulations to the team on a great program."

Kate Wynter

Turps Tippers Pty Ltd - Bargo, NSW

"I would recommend this simple, efficient program to anyone in the Transport industry!."

Anthony McGuinness

McGuinnness Haulage - Preston, UK

"Me and Shaun love it and the lads all love it. Keep up the work! Thanks"

MyTrucking in odd places

The benefits of cloud computing, or draw-backs, depends upon who you ask I guess.

Tom Twist from Twist Transport NZ working from Germany
Bugs from Wairarapa Livestock working on Lake Taupo
Shaun of McGuinness Haulage (Preston UK) keeping on top of things during trip back from London
Just in-case you didn't beleive he was working.