Victoria into lockdown – July 2020

With the move into lockdown for Victoria state in Australia, the transport sector is moving quickly to change their processes to go ‘contactless’ and minimise any exposure or spread of the virus.

There are several areas where MyTrucking can help you with maintaining physical distance between you, your drivers, and your customers.

1. Dockets/paperwork

Your drivers can take photos of their paperwork in their MyTrucking mobile app. These photos will instantly come back to your main MyTrucking – no waiting for paperwork, and no chance of contamination.  The orange phone will show a red dot when there is an attachment for you to check.

orange phone with dot

2. Delivery confirmation

Your clients can receive an email once the driver has delivered the load. Simple & contactless! It wont show pricing etc to your customer, and is one less piece of paper to handle.

If the driver has collected a signature via sign on glass, this will also be sent through and attached to the job.

Click here for instructions on how to setup delivery confirmation

3. Email dockets & load details

Once the load is completed, you can choose which dockets and other attachments to send to the customer. These are emailed directly from your MyTrucking. Quick, easy, and no paper.

Click here for instructions on how to email job details

4. Attachments to job

Add relevant paperwork to a job as an electronic attachment in MyTrucking, and reduce close contact with drivers. You can add most common file types including photos, Word, Excel, PDF.

Click here for instructions on how to add attachments to a job

Ongoing Support

Our support team are running at 100% and we’re here to help you and your business get through this. If you need support setting up the MyTrucking mobile app, or any of the features mentioned above then get in touch:

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