Meet the truckers – Slater 2010 Ltd

Bronwyn Slater has a real passion for the trucking industry and enjoys her job and work.

While she does have her truck license, Bronwyn admits she wouldn’t call herself a truck driver, and as the sole owner and managing director of Slater 2010 Ltd, she’s got plenty on her plate to keep her busy.

Her daily role involves dispatching trucks and machines, maintaining service reports on the machines and doing the accounts.

Based in Huntly, in the Waikato, the majority of the company’s work is local and the business has built up a strong core group of repeat clients. The key aspect of the business is carting coal to the dairy factories and to Genesis Energy’s power station. Slater 2010 Ltd also does a lot of farm work, including raceways, ponds and dams, and undertakes civil work too. With a long history in the industry, Bronwyn got into the trucking game in 1983, taking over sole ownership of Slater 2010 Ltd in 2010.

“I think our strength is we mainly work locally in our area, that reputation. People know the company and the operators, it’s mostly return clientele, and it’s about recognising those people who have been good to us.”

Slater 2010 LtdBronwyn’s two sons have followed in her footsteps over the years. “Our businesses are totally independent of each other, though we do work out of the same yard. They are successful in their own right.”

The move to MyTrucking came four years ago and has created huge efficiencies in her business.

“It came at a time when we were doing a lot of work with manual spreadsheets and reconciling with the customers. When we saw the MyTrucking software and its options, it was exactly what we wanted, to take that potential revenue leakage out of it.

“It’s been awesome for the business because we can generate a report very quickly, and it’s an extensive report for the customer. The software is very user-friendly. We use quite a few sub-contractors, so to be able to send a report to them quickly and efficiently on a regular basis is great.”

As a MyTrucking customer, Bronwyn is pleased to see that some of their suggestions have been taken on board and implemented in the product, too. “They are listening so they keep developing something people really want.”


Download the PDF to read the full article. We wrote this article for NZ Trucking Magazine‘s February 2021 edition. 

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