Special offer for MyTrucking customers

At MyTrucking we value the power of good partnerships to help you run your business better. March 2020 marks the two year anniversary of a key partnership with GPS and fleet management solution, EROAD.

When you combine the vehicle activity and revenue data from MyTrucking, with the distance, time & spatial data from EROAD you’ll have all you need to measure the performance of your vehicles, see where you’re maximising your productivity, and where you can make improvements.

If you’re ready to join the more than 100 transport operators who are already improving their operations by connecting MyTrucking and EROAD, we’ve got a special offer to help get you started.

Whether your based in NZ or AU, we’ve got something for you.

Click here to see details of the special offer and to learn how MyTrucking and EROAD can work together for you.