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new features launched

Two new features are set to further enhance your MyTrucking experience. Rate cards and customisable email templates are now available.

At MyTrucking we pride ourselves on listening to you – our customers. These features are something you asked for, and we’ve delivered.

The first new feature is rate cards, and there are two types of rate card to choose from.

This feature gives you the ability to upload a schedule of rates to a client, which MyTrucking will then reference when auto-pricing jobs.

Location-based rate cards. The user loads pricing based on the origin and destination. For example, if I do a job for company A and start from their base, with the destination being Auckland, the Auckland rate in the rate card will be used by MyTrucking to auto-price the job.

The location-based rate card is useful for transporters who use ‘zone’ based pricing.

Distance-based rate cards. Instead of using locations for rates, this card looks at the distance between the origin and destination when pricing the job. The distance is input (and remembered) in the distance field.

The distance-based rate card is handy for our livestock users, as their large customers (e.g meat companies like AFFCO or Silver Fern Farms) work out how much to pay per animal carried based on how far they are transported.

Setting up a rate card is easy, simply go to the client detail page, click on ‘import rate card’ then use our template file to add the rate card to the client.

The second new feature is customisable email templates and, again, there are two for MyTruckers to choose from.

These two email types are generated in MyTrucking and, historically, the content of the message was fixed.

Now, we can create a template for each email type for each customer, based on your individual business needs. These templates are a mix of plain text and details from jobs.

The two email types are:

  1. Automatic Delivery Notification (ADN) – if enabled, this triggers an email to the client’s customer when the driver completes the job on the mobile app.
  2. Consignment Note – this gives clients the ability to send an email from within the edit job page.

We know these brand-new features will enhance the MyTrucking experience for our customers. As always, we love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can deliver an even better product to meet the needs of your business.


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