New Feature: Multi-Leg

Like a game of chess, many transport jobs consist of several movements that need to be clearly planned and recorded. From livestock being moved from a farm to stockyards to another farm to Australian long-distance jobs with multiple stops. 

To-date, the ability to accurately track truck movements for scenarios like this has been difficult to document.

Until now.

Introducing the new Multi-Leg feature.

MultiLeg will clearly detail all legs in a job, removing confusion for everyone and adding in total clarity to every job.


“The Multi-Leg Feature is another step towards our goal of being the “dispatchers’ best friend.” It now allows you to set up your loads in a way that more closely replicates real-world scenarios, eliminating the need for imperfect workarounds.
An added benefit is that the development process allowed us to update many of our legacy pages to more current technology. This will help us deliver more features in a faster timeframe. Keep an eye out for the other exciting features coming later in the year!”

Matt Neems, Multi-Leg Implementation Manager


 But the good news doesn’t stop there…


Additional features


MyTrucking is releasing a suite of other highly requested features that have been developed in conjunction with the Multi-Leg feature to ensure MyTrucking keeps up with and stays ahead of its customers’ needs and remains fit for purpose.


  • Assignable Driver: Assign jobs to drivers, not just trucks. You will also see exactly which Driver accepted and returned the Job from the Mobile App. 
  • Delivery Date: Instead of a single job date, each leg can now also have a date, allowing jobs to be scheduled over multiple days. 
  • Multi-select on Custom Reports: Multi-select of fields in the well-loved report builder.
  • Returned Jobs: Designed for drivers and dispatchers, this feature allows drivers to re-return previously returned jobs on the driver app. Perfect for when you need to add in a docket number that was missed or dispatchers requesting more details.


💥 Top Tip: To access all of the above features, make sure your drivers have the latest version of the MyTrucking Driver App 2.0


“We have been using the new Multi-Leg upgrade for the past month, we use this feature when a job involves more than one truck to complete a load, sometimes including a subcontractor. MyTrucking is the total transport management solution, it offers the ability to create program additions tailored to their clients and end user specific needs, to ensure growing business needs are met.”

Christine Murphy – Morris Transport



Find out more

Contact us today to learn more about the new MultiLeg feature, how it can transform your workflow and how to start utilising it today.

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