MyTrucking release update: Sunday 12th April 2015

Good Afternoon to you all,

We hope you read the email sent last week with some great new updates to MyTrucking. These have all been requests from our clients. We will continue to listen to your feedback to grow the MyTrucking programme.
Sorry to bombard you twice in one week but we have another exciting update for this week that we wanted to share with you.You are now able to email your truck day sheet to your drivers, and its so simple to do!
You will see your Day Sheet now has an email icon (envelope) between the truck PDF icon and the save icon. See example below:

Click on this email icon and it loads a form. (see example below)
The “To” email address is fetched from the Email Address associated with the vehicle – If there is no email address associated with the vehicle you can add it at this stage, and then this form will save the Email Address entered against that vehicle.

We trust you enjoy this new update!
If you didnt get to read the previous email with lots of updates, click this link here to read:

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Happy Trucking!

Kind Regards,
The MyTrucking team – Sam, Sara, Dave & Sally