Hello, & welcome to those of you new on board trailing or using MyTrucking. We are pleased to have you on board and we look forward to continuing to work with you.
And also those of you who have inquired about MyTrucking but not trialing as yet, welcome to our email newsletter, we hope you enjoy reading.
We thought it was time to drop you a line to let you know what has been happening with MyTrucking. Please do take the time to read this when you have a spare moment, as it may answer some questions. Also, please forward this onto anyone else involved in your business that needs an update.

1. New Office Manager:

We welcome on board Sally Smith as our Office Manager. Sally, like us, comes from a rural background and has spent many a day in the sale-yards up north where she was working as an Office administrator. You will be hearing from Sally from time to time.

  1. MyTrucking mobile app:
    Our developer is working very hard on getting our mobile app to the stage where we can release it to you. In fact we are in the real “testing” stage at the moment. These things do take time to test & get right. This mobile app will be usable on both android and apple phones & tablets.
    The first release of this app will enable drivers to update their job from their phone with the exact tally and weight, plus consignment number & any other comments if required.This is a real exciting step for us and our clients!

    3. Reports:
    Just a reminder about the reports that can be easily produced in MyTrucking.
    – Invoice report: NEW
    – Works Buyer report
    – Charged to report
    – Income by Truck report
    – Destination report
    – Origin report
    Go to REPORTS section on your menu bar. If you have any questions about these reports, please dont hesitate to ask us: [email protected]

    4. Autopricing:
    It has come to our attention of late, that not all our users know about one of the special features of MyTrucking which is AUTOPRICING.
    Please go to: MY ACCOUNT – PRODUCTS & under method select USE LAST CHARGED RATE.
    Therefore the last charged rate will show up when you load a job for that particular product with same origin & destination. This is a huge time saver when it comes to pricing!

    5. Did you know?

  • When entering a new job, you can now also search for your client by trading name, first name, last name OR by phone number.
  • Our website address is now both www.mytrucking.co.nz and www.gomytrucking.com . We unfortunately couldn’t get mytrucking.com so had to go with gomytrucking.com. Having a .com website address enables us to move into overseas markets one day.
  • The resolution has been modified so MyTrucking can be easily viewed from mobile phones, tablets and ipads. In fact MyTrucking can be viewed from just about anywhere! Here is a pic of a client doing their MyTrucking work from the middle of Lake Taupo. You can be anywhere in the world, still plan your trucks, and do your pricing and invoicing!
  1. Regular updates:
    We will be posting regular updates & information on new releases for MyTrucking on our facebook page. So if you are facebook user, be sure to follow us: www.facebook.com/mytrucking
    We will also continue to do email newsletters to keep you well informed.7. Help Section:
    We are busy working away on adding HELP sections within each page of MyTrucking.  We have added videos and text documents that will answer any of your queries.  So far we have: Getting started, Xero Integration, Application notes (what some of the symbols mean), Add vehicles, Adding Products.
    Whenever you see this question mark, please PRESS it for HELP.

    ALSO: We can now offer remote support where we can login into your actual computer from anywhere to watch as you work through any issues.  Follow the steps under the HELP section & then Support.

  2. NZ Truck & Driver Magazine:

There was an interesting article on MyTrucking in last months NZ Truck & Driver Magazine which gives some good background & info on MyTrucking. It’s not a bad read, so check it out:

9. Transport Innovation:
If you are keen to look at tablets or technology for in your trucks, Sam & Sara meet with a company called Transport Innovations. They are the real “guru’s” on the right technology specifically designed for your trucks. Contact Carl Wills: 027 249 0950 [email protected]

10. What is coming soon:

  • Ability to “Add a new client” while loading a new job from the ADD JOB screen.
  • Mobile App

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Please let us know if you have any queries.

Happy Trucking!

Kind Regards,
Sam & Sara Orsborn