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Best known for freight, Mahonys Transport is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on attracting a high calibre of staff and delivering excellent service.

Mahonys is based in Melbourne and the transport division runs across Victoria and into southern NSW.

The business does bulk agricultural commodities, importing and exporting, as well as freight. Mahonys runs 14 B Double trucks and exports a significant amount of grain, with the freight division clocking up about two million kilometres a year. Additionally, they have a significant sub-contracted fleet.

Operations manager, Rose Messer, says they work hard to attract the best staff possible. “We keep a high standard of operators and look for people who fit our culture. We’re also focused on our level of compliance, professionalism and customer service. They’re the things that differentiate us.

“The plan is to continue to grow our customer base while continuing to keep that level of quality up, focusing on relationship development – not only internally, but with farmers and customers too. It’s a really personal approach.”

A simple solution

When Mahonys joined MyTrucking in September 2020 they were looking for a simple solution to streamline their operation. “Previously, we were using four to five different systems and it was very repetitive.”

Scheduling was done via a whiteboard in the early days and was labour intensive. “We moved to Excel but were still doing it the hard way with keeping track of contracts and getting information out to drivers. There’s a lot going on and we wanted something to bring everything into one central function.”

Rose has found MyTrucking to be user-friendly and, of all the options they looked at, the easiest for the drivers to use, which was the clincher. “The freight industry is going the way of more technology. Our boys are smart, but technology is probably not their forte.”

The integration with Xero has saved a heap of time when it comes to invoicing, and the data they get from MyTrucking in report format has made customer invoicing easier and clearer. “It’s also easy to see how many loads are left on a contract, for example, and it gives great traceability and clarity.”

Rose says MyTrucking has significantly reduced their paperwork processing time. “I reckon it has saved us at least two full days (16 hours) of admin a week – that would be the biggest benefit.

“The other big benefit is the amount of information we can get into the drivers’ hands, giving them clarity on where they need to go and what their numbers are. We’ve given them the best tool to help them do their job the best they can.”



Favourite truck? Kenworth 909

Best place to get a pie? Best bakery I’ve ever been to in Victoria is in Birchip, they have the best pies and vanilla slices!

Favourite MyTrucking feature? I love the dashboard, it’s so valuable having real time data. Being able to see what your trucks are making is great.

Favourite saying/catchphrase? “Job’s right mate”

This MyTrucking success story appeared in the March edition of Owner Driver magazine.

Owner Driver magazine article - Mahonys Transport Services


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