Single Entry

What does single entry mean? it means you enter everything just once, no duplication of data entry, ever, even when invoicing.


Everything is hand-written, often duplicated, mistakes occur frequently, and time is lost searching and collating.

hand-writing diary entries

hand-writing daysheet for drivers

collating returned dockets into spreadsheet

entering into accounts system

MyTrucking solution

A system where all information is entered once, capture everything as you go.

jobs created from a single entry by dispatcher.

jobs are sent to drivers app automatically.

job information is automatically captured.

job pricing is automatically applied.

jobs sent to integrated invoicing with a click.

The amount of writing and paper to keep track of, and any changes to jobs meant everything had to be re-written. Pricing jobs was not something we looked forward to as it took days to get all the information together and input into the accounts program.

Sean Sparksman

Mangonui Haulage, NZ