Job History

The enterprise add-on (also known as multi-daysheet), provides the ability to run daysheets by business units or locations.


Diary based systems usually means separate diaries for business units or in one case we helped a customer who was using 10 different coloured pens in the same diary!

MyTrucking Solution

A system that de-clutters the daysheet so that only the jobs, vehicles and products that are relevant are shown.

We were struggling with transparency across the team, jobs were in people’s heads and not always written down, quoted prices weren’t always recorded.

This meant that we were missing out on jobs, and sometimes missing out on invoicing our customers as it wasn’t clear at the end of month what jobs had been done and what had not.

As a result of this our end of month issues just got bigger and bigger

Bevan Hall

Everfresh Transport, NZ

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