Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers you the flexibility to work whenever, wherever you want and on whatever device you have as long it is connected to the internet and is web standards compliant.


Traditional software systems are restricted to a single device or networked devices. Usually restricted to one place of work and they can be very expensive.

expensive and restricted

paper based systems can’t be shared

technical issues around backup and business continuity

very expensive to scale

MyTrucking solution

Cloud computing is collaborative and as such teams can be dispersed and large, but will remain connected and working from the same page.

work anywhere, anytime with anything

transparent across the whole team

usual data security offered by cloud computing

easy and affordable to scale

everyone is on the same page

Thank You MyTrucking for this amazing system it has helped our business grow internally. We were using diaries to run 10+ trucks to keep track of what jobs have been completed for the day. We were finding errors, from jobs not invoiced, to not even knowing what our employees were completing on a daily basis. Without MyTrucking we would not have grown to the size we are now. Our organisation has changed in so many ways thanks to MyTrucking.

I would recommend this simple, efficient program to anyone in the Transport industry!

Kate Wynter

Turps Tippers, AUS

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