Tumu Transport – Hawke’s Bay, NZ

Learn about how Tumu Transport used MyTrucking to save the whole team time and make them more efficient.

Tumu Transport

Tumu Transport – Hawke’s Bay, NZ

Bevan Hall has been a customer of MyTrucking since 2016, when he was with a previous company. He’s now a shareholder of Tumu Transport – and brought MyTrucking with him!

What does Tumu do?

We are a seller of bins, pallets, beehive products and custom cut materials.  We have customers across the whole of New Zealand. Although Tumu Timbers has been around for a while, Tumu Transport has been in business for two years, to manage the freight of Tumu Timbers. Our team is now 12 people – we’re running 10 trucks and on any given day could have an extra 15 subbies too.

What’s your role there?

I manage the business to ensure Tumu Timbers freight and external customers product gets from A To B on time and intact, we pride ourselves on top service and have a dedicated team that share this value.

Tumu Transport

Why did you choose MyTrucking?

For both Everfresh and Tumu I was worried we were losing paper-based jobs.  If you lose a piece of paper, you’re losing money – and that could be a thousand dollar job.  If you lost one every week it might get pretty drastic. With MyTrucking everythings’s online – especially those critical PoDs.

When I started with Tumu Transport, we were using an excel spreadsheet which was disjointed.  It’s so much easier with MyTrucking as there’s 15 people that can be logging in and finding jobs, checking invoicing – we’ve got a shared view of everything.

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The Solution


  • Paperwork got lost – and so did money ☹
  • Disjointed process across the team
  • Stress


  • Instant POD via the drivers mobile app to the office – all jobs get invoiced
  • Streamlined team interactions
  • Calm and happy team

What are the key benefits MyTrucking gives you?

In a nutshell, it saves the whole team time, and time is money. It makes the team more efficient, as it creates transparency around what we’ve got on. We’re all just a bit calmer, knowing what we have to do to get our work done. As an organiser, that means less time worrying about what the next batch of product, the next run etc is. I spend a LOT less time texting forwards and backwards!

With subbies, too, the reporting feature helps some of them that don’t have good systems find that they haven’t billed us for jobs, so MyTrucking shows them ways to improve what they do too.


Favourite features?

  • Love the driver app, and now I’m working with the drivers to get them comfortable with it.
  • I do all the invoicing, so the biggest thing for me is the simple integration with Xero.
  • For a production based business like ours the split job feature and contracts feature are essential, we use that a lot.
  • Love that you pay per vehicle, it’s a fair and easy way to be billed.

Is MyTrucking right for you?

MyTrucking is designed to assist transport operators with job management workflow.

Do you have a fleet of 2 plus trucks, and too much paperwork?

Need software to manage job scheduling through to your invoicing?

Want simple and accurate communication with your drivers?