Thompsons Livestock Transport Cowra – NSW, AUS

Learn how Thompsons Livestock Transport Cowra streamlined the day-to-day running of their business with the help of MyTrucking.


Thompsons Livestock Transport Cowra

Family owned and operated Thompsons Livestock Transport Cowra has been carting livestock and goods since the 1940s.

Today, Thompsons carts mainly livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. The business also transports bulk (grain, fertiliser and gravel), as well as hay and machinery.

Located in Cowra, central west NSW, Thompsons was established 80 years ago by Jack Thompson, carting livestock and other products around the local area. Jack’s sons Barry and John moved into the business in the 1960s. In the 1970s the local meat works opened up, which meant more work for Thompsons.

Barry’s son Nick entered the business in 2003 and Thompsons now employs over 30 people and runs trucks across Australia. Nick and his wife Nadine took over the business in June 2021.

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How was the workflow previously managed?

Nick says the workflow within the office was very paper-based, running a diary daily, and every job was booked into the diary.

“This was very difficult, as the business grew so did the number of employees in the office, which meant everyone would be waiting on the diary to book jobs in to organise jobs and to bill the jobs out.”

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The Solution

Thompsons Livestock Transport Cowra joined MyTrucking in 2016.


  • Paper-based, reliant on the diary
  • Needed to streamline day-to-day running of the business


  • Invoicing simple
  • Easy to see pricing history – not over or under charging clients
  • Everyone able to log in to one programme with all the information needed at their fingertips

Why MyTrucking?

“I was thinking about ways to streamline the day-to-day running of the business and when the guys from MyTrucking reached out I was very interested.

“They came to our office and gave us a run through on how to operate the programme, then we had a trial period and realised it was too good to do without.”

How easy was it switching to MyTrucking?

“The switch to MyTrucking initially was time consuming, entering the data into the computer daily was hard to get used to at first, but once adjusted to it we benefitted from it in the long run.”

What are the key benefits that MyTrucking provides?

“The main benefit is the link to Xero for our invoicing which makes a huge difference to the processing of jobs from MyTrucking to our accounting programme, making sure the process is a simple as possible.

“The other key benefit is the ability to look back at the pricing history. We do a lot of repeat jobs within our business and the ability to look back on what we have charged previously allows us to make sure we are not under or over charging our clients.

“With six full-time employees in the office at Thompsons each with a different role, the MyTrucking programme’s main benefit is the ability for each person to see the programme on their own computer with their own login details. With such things as the ability to see which driver did a particular job or to see what we have previously charged or to look at client’s billing details, these options allow us to do these jobs whenever we need too.”

Is MyTrucking right for you?

MyTrucking is designed to assist transport operators with job management workflow.

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