MyTrucking celebrates eight years

MyTrucking - celebrating 8 years


What a ride. MyTrucking is celebrating eight years in business this month – eight years of helping countless businesses keep on trucking, streamlining their operations and achieving efficiencies.

To mark the occasion, we thought it would be fun to crunch a few numbers…

In eight years MyTrucking has clocked up:

  • 8,604 users (5,565 drivers, 3,039 dispatchers/admins)
  • 21,961 vehicles
  • 2,098,909 clients/locations
  • 8,291,315 jobs invoiced
  • Customers in eight countries – New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Canada.

Current daily job rate:

  • Last five working days a whopping 45,699 jobs completed.
  • This averages 9,139 jobs completed per day.
  • This equates to 12.69 jobs completed per minute in a 12-hour work day.

In our eight years of data our customers have invoiced $4,606,021,250.11 NZ dollars to be exact.

MyTrucking founder and marketing director, Sara Orsborn, said eight years was a significant milestone for the business and paid tribute to her team.

“Thanks to you all for growing and developing MyTrucking to where it is today. They say great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.”

When she talks about team, she’s also talking about customers, who are an integral cog in the MyTrucking success story.

“Our customers and their feedback on the product have been a huge part of our growth and a key reason for our success. We view our customers as part of our team too, and we appreciate each and every single one of you.”

MyTrucking is proud to be a locally owned and operated Wairarapa business helping trucking companies around the world do what they do best – run trucks. “We look forward to many more years in business and helping even more businesses transform their transport management systems.”

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