Firstly a warm welcome to our new MyTrucking users. Great to have you on board using MyTrucking!

We are pleased to update you on some new releases to MyTrucking.

1. Invoice Description: Invoice descriptions are now updated to include better descriptions for spreading, bulk trucks and freight. We have added units field to make it more correct. To update your invoice description for your products go to My Account and then Products, and choose the description you would like for each product.

2. Consignment Numbers: As requested by some of you, we have released the ability to enter consignment numbers. If you wish to use this, go to My Account, My Settings and tick the box saying “Show Consignment Number”. Then, if you wish to show this also in your invoice description, go to number 1 above and choose the invoice description showing consignment number from the drop down box.

3. Users: MyTrucking now has 3 different User options which you can load against each user in your company. This is for security access reasons. You may not want some users having access to financial information.

  • Operator: Phone Operator – this role has access to Add/Edit Jobs, Add/Edit Clients, Day Sheets, and all non-financial Reports.
  • Driver: Truck Driver – this role can Edit Jobs (via mobile App) – may close Jobs (yet to be decided).
  • Finance: Accountant/Financial Operator – this role has access to everything

For you to set this up, it is also very easy. Go to My Account, Users and enter the users & their details.

4. Client History: You can now see all clients past jobs (history). Click on the client in the day sheet & their history will be shown at the bottom of the page.

5. Mobile App: We are heading into the testing phase of the mobile App over the next few weeks. It wont be released until it is fully tested. We will keep you posted. This mobile app will give drivers the ability to enter information into a job once the truck is loaded or completed their job directly into their phone. Tally, weight & consignment number.

6. Facebook: MyTrucking now has a facebook page. Please LIKE the page & you will see regular updates & news items of relevance.

7. Road Transport Assocation Forum: We were fortunate to be asked to present at the Road Transport Association forum in Feilding a few weeks back. This went very well & all attendees seemed very interested to hear the story of MyTrucking and what it can do for their businesses.

We will continue to keep you updated on things happening with MyTrucking. MyTrucking is a never ending project for us, but a very exciting one!

And lastly, if you know a trucking company that should be using MyTrucking, please forward this onto them, or give us their details and we will contact them. Word of Mouth is the best form of marketing.

Happy Trucking!

Regards, Sam & Sara Orsborn