Hello from MyTrucking,
We have a number of new features to update you on so please read below:

1. Order/Reference number & Order Date – NEW RELEASE:
This is a new release over the weekend which gives you the option to have an Order/reference number, and Order date, per job. This has been requested by a number of our bulk, container and general transport companies.
If you are a Xero user, this order/reference number gets posted across to your reference field on the Xero invoice.
This is what this new option will look like on the ADD JOB screen:

If you would like these options, go to: MyAccount – MyTrucking settings & scroll down to bottom of page and tick: Show Order Date and/or tick Show Order/Ref Number.

  • These two new fields appear when loading a New Job
  • The Order Date defaults to Today, but can be changed.
  • The Order/Ref Number can contain letters & numbers
  • Separate invoices will be created for each different Order/Ref number, and this Order/Ref number posts across to the Reference field in Xero.

2. Consignment Note field:
If you use the Consignment Note field, you can now customise this field to what you want to call it. eg. Instead of Consignment note, you could call it Docket No.
Go to: MyAccount – MyTrucking settings & scroll down to the bottom of the page to Reference Fields. Reference 1 has been labelled Consignment. Change this name to what you would like.
You can now also have more than 1 reference field. Read more below.

3. Customised Reference fields – NEW RELEASE:
Another feature released over the weekend is having your own customised fields at job line/row level. This maybe useful if you want to record container numbers, client docket numbers etc. This is a field like the current Consignment Note field, but you can call it what you want, and you can turn on 3 customised fields if you would like.

If you would like this option, go to: MyAccount – MyTrucking settings & scroll down to the bottom of the page to Reference Fields. Tick how many reference boxes you would like & label them. See example below found in MyTrucking settings.

4. Multiple Day sheet option
The Multiple Day Sheet option is a new and exciting feature soon to be released, and has been requested by a number of our users. With this option you can have multiple daysheets on your one login. You can simply choose the daysheet you would like to view, or you can view all together.  Eg. Livestock, Bulk, General Freight, and Spreading are examples of different daysheets you can have.
If you are interested in having this add on, please let us know. There is an extra cost for this feature.

5. Edit Job page – Save & Repeat
The Save & Repeat option has now been added to the EDIT JOB screen.

6. Intercom Help/Support
We have been trailing a new Help/Support programme called Intercom. You will see the blue question mark at the top right hand side of your screen. If at any stage you have any questions, just click on this question mark and send us your message. We will endeavor to answer your questions as soon as we can.

7. Driver mobile app
There will be a separate email coming out soon with all details about our Mobile app for drivers. For those of you that are using this mobile app already, the new updates we have informed you about have been submitted to apple and android, and we are waiting for their confirmation of these changes.

8. Invoice descriptions:
As mentioned before we can easily add any invoice descriptions you would like.
New invoice descriptions added of late include:
Date – Delivery Vehicle – Product – Consignment …… (Shows Truck 1 on the invoice)
Date – Pickup Vehicle – Product – Consignment …….. (Shows Truck 2 on the invoice)

9. The Wellington Gold Awards

MyTrucking was nominated for the Wellington Business Gold Awards & we were delighted to then be selected as a finalist. The final winner is announced in July. Click here to read latest news articles: http://www.mytrucking.co.nz/news/

For those of new to MyTrucking & havent seen our short video, check this link to watch: https://youtu.be/G1-ivbUqZ8I

Have a great week.

Kind Regards,
The MyTrucking team – Sam, Sara, Dave & Sally