We have had some recent updates/features added to MyTrucking that we wanted to update you with.

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Hello, & welcome to those of you new on board trailing or using MyTrucking.
We have had some recent updates/features added to MyTrucking that we wanted to update you with.

Please do take the time to read this, as this may answer some of your questions. Also, please forward this onto anyone else involved in your business.

1. Add New Client from Add Job screen

You now have the ability to “ADD a NEW CLIENT” while loading a new job from the ADD JOB screen. This will save a lot of time by not having to go back to the client tab and then to the add client screen.

Note the check boxes at the bottom of the window below – clients added by this method will default to Receives Invoice – you can untick this if you want. After clicking “Add” button you are returned to the Add Job screen and the New Client is now at the TOP of the list.

2. Populating to Origin & Destination
If you are in “Add Job” and Charge To field is the same client to be entered in Origin or Destination, Double Click on Origin and this will populate Origin with whatever is set in the Charge To field. (Note: you first need to open the field.)
Double Click on Destination, and Destination with populate with whatever is set in the Charge To field. (you first need to open the field.)

3. New invoice descriptions added:
As requested we have added New Invoice Descriptions. These are selected against each product under your settings, products.

  • {Date} – {Qty} {Product}
  • {Date} – {Qty} {Product} – {Consignment}
  • {Date} – {Product}
  • {Date} – {Product} – {Consignment}

4. Bulk posting of invoices:
We now have it setup so you can do a BULK POST of invoices through to Xero.  Simply tick the invoices you wish to post over to Xero and click on the Bulk POST button at the bottom of page.  Works a treat and saves you time.

5. Reports:
Are you making use of all the reports available within MyTrucking? All of the following reports can be simply produced in MyTrucking:

  • Income by truck
  • Invoice report
  • Charged to
  • Destination
  • Origin
  • Stock Agent
  • Truck & Date
  • Works Buyer

Plus more reporting coming soon….

6. Did you know?

  • When entering a new job, you can also search for your client by trading name, first name, last name OR by phone number.
  • Yes MyTrucking simply works on ipads and tablets too.
  • We offer remote support where we can login to your actual computer from anywhere to watch as you work through any issues.  Follow the steps under the HELP section & then Support.

7. Regular updates:
We are constantly posting regular updates & information on new releases for MyTrucking on our facebook page. So if you are facebook user, be sure to follow us: www.facebook.com/mytrucking
We will also continue to do regular email newsletters to keep you well informed.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Happy Trucking!

Kind Regards,
Sam & Sara Orsborn