Welcome to MyTrucking,

Firstly a warm welcome to those new on board using MyTrucking. Great to have you on board trialling or now a full user.

We thought it was time to give you a bit of background on who we are, and why the hell we have launched an online cartage management programme? and then a quick update on whats happening with MyTrucking.

MyTrucking was established earlier this year, but how it all came about was a few years ago a mate of Sams asked him to create a basic management system for their transport company. The key thing was to be simple & practical to use, and it was! Word spread and the programme became popular, so in order to keep up with todays world of being in the “cloud”, we made the next step and Sam has worked hard with a local programmer, and Wairarapa Livestock Transport to specifically design and build this online programme MyTrucking.

Alongside MyTrucking, Sam is a Sheep & Beef consultant for Baker & Associates in Masterton, and also works & assists his father in the management of our long-standing family business Sharpes Stockfeed located in Carterton, Wairarapa. We are very excited about Mytrucking and also the plans we have ahead with it, but the key for us and of course for you too, is to ensure we keep it simple & easy to use.

So whats happening with MyTrucking:

1. MOBILE APP – yes we have started working on a mobile app which will mean your drivers can confirm exact stock tallies, weight & consignment number right then & there once they have loaded their truck. So simple to do too! And this will mean less paper work & phone calls to be made. Note: drivers will NOT have access to load new jobs on this mobile app. It will be to simply confirm their exact details and it will then automatically update your MyTrucking files.


2. XERO Add-on partner – we are working closely with Xero accounting to become one of their add-on partners & we are nearly there. What does an add-on partner mean? Nothing to you, but for us this means Xero will assist with promoting and marketing Mytrucking.

3. HON BILL ENGLISH – Last Friday we were priviledged to have the Minister of Finance hear the “MyTrucking” story. He loves it & recommends it to all truckers!

Well that’s enough from MyTrucking for one day.

Happy Trucking! Sam & Sara Orsborn